Workshops and mentoring for creatives, consultants, and coaches who dare to become industry-leading unicorns

Here are 3 ways I can sprinkle magic into your world:


💎 Book a private 1:1 intensive to bring your Big Idea to life

Discover your Big Idea — a new business, course, or program — and nail the strategy and plan you need to bring it to life.

I’ll be your speed Queen so you can launch your next service with confidence and clarity, fast — like, yesterday.


💥 Book me to design & facilitate a workshop for your organization

Let your team solve complex problems and map out future opportunities in an interactive workshop. 

I also run workshops to enhance team collaboration and prevent churn, turnover, and burnout.


🚀 Book a sprint to tackle innovation and strategy with your team

Create a strategy that sticks, design your best product yet, or revolutionize your team for faster growth.

A single sprint = 1000 meetings,
saving time and delivering game-changing results.


Let’s look at the numbers...


years experience leading Design Thinking workshops


online students with 100% positive reviews 


remote Design Thinking workshops in 12+ countries


cups of coffee fueled creativity ☕


Your big event needs infectious energy, innovative inspiration, and a  touch of sparkle 

Give your audience the gift of innovation and problem solving at your next conference.

I give lightening talks about creative collaboration and how to take a playful, energetic approach to facilitation.

You can expect enthusiastic energy and big passion on stage and huge mindset shifts for your audience, off stage.


Hi, I am Lisa and I'll be your  Unicorn Whisperer  today... 

As a former UX designer turned Design Thinking workshop facilitator, and Design Sprint expert, I am utterly obsessed with processes and products that work.

Which is why I use my proven Signature Triple Diamond Framework to help you find...

Your next Big Idea, Your One Thing, your Unicorn Factor.

With my processes under your belt, you don’t just become an industry-leader, you become an innovative Unicorn.

Ready to unleash your inner Unicorn?

Proud owner of the following shiny awards:

Community Challenge Winner

Facebook Developer Circle
1st prize Europe
2nd prize Global

Design Sprint MVP

Most Valuable Practitioner GVDS Award for Design Sprint 
Facilitation & Advisory

Course Creator & Teacher

Domestika Teacher of 
Design Thinking: Lead and Innovate Successful Projects

Certified Business Coach

Business & Life Coach
at Evercoach

“Lisa leverages her knowledge of Design Thinking to help you figure out what is it you're truly after and where you could shine

That's how she successfully figured out my dormant desire for mixing my knowledge in AI, my love for human psychology, and my curiosity around science. It was an impressive session.” -

~ Sara El-Ateif, Google PhD Fellow, AIAI Wonder Girls (Co-Founder) 🇲🇦

Drive, passion, and compassion
to help you discover your
 Unicorn Factor 

Warning: I say the things others don’t dare to think.

What does that mean for you?

Together we won’t just think “outside the box”. 
We take the box apart, and create a whole new sparkling shape.

A new shape that gives YOU the lifestyle and financial freedom you crave.

Want to meet me? Hit play below...


“Lisa is one of Europe’s Top Design Thinkers and business coaches

From startups to units in corporate environments, Lisa aligns teams, accelerates them and leads them to success. The variety of methods she is using is vast - Design Sprints, Pretotyping, Gamestorming, lean startup methodologies - to name a few.

As she often tells her students and participants in sprints, she falls in love with the problem and develops a deep understanding of it while taking everyone with her at the same time.

To work with Lisa is meaningful, intense and fun at the same time while you always achieve something great. Anyone who has the chance to work with her should take this opportunity.”

~ Alexander Bock, Chief Marketing Officer of Germany 🇩🇪

Our magical journey together
starts here...